Avcon Technics PVT Ltd

Country: India

Tel: +(91) (20) 24332066

Bermanto Oy

Country: Finland

Tel: +358 400 458 382

OSIS T&C Group (Dynamic Floor Specialists)

# Country: Qatar

DFS's main field of activity concerns Consulting / Design / Installation of Industrial - Superflat Commercial and Special Floors.

Tel: +974 441 20889


Modimorom builds semi-wet blankets, industrial floorings and other services related to preparing and building floorings.

Modimorom performs the following works in the field of industrial floorings:

  • Monolithic concrete simple or quartz finished industrial floorings
  • Self-leveling epoxy polyurethane resins / rolling industrial floorings
  • Anti-adherent ramps
  • Imprinted concrete
  • Floorings maintenance and reconditioning
  • 3 to 10 cm over-concreting (special formula for concrete resistant to large loads)
  • Liquid membranes hydro-insulation

Country: Romania

Tel: 0268 419 181



RCR Industrial Flooring S.a.r.l

RCR Industrial Flooring specialise in designing and creating industrial concrete flooring and work with many of the leading names in manufacturing and worldwide logistics.

RCR Industrial Flooring is organised into three divisions, based on the services we provide:

  • RCR Flooring Products is our manufacturing division, encompassing armoured joints and formwork, dry-shake hardeners, and resin coatings for industrial concrete floors.
  • SRCR Flooring Applications includes our industrial concrete flooring contractors.
  • RCR Flooring Services incorporates our design, structural engineering and project management services for industrial concrete floors.

Country: Luxembourg


Twintec International SA

The Twintec Group is the global market leader in steel fibre reinforced concrete, designing and constructing over 6 million m² of industrial floor slabs worldwide each year.

Twintec provides a personal product through a total offer concept with a high level of performance, environmental sustainability and aesthetics worldwide with a unique Design-Build-Guarantee service to deliver excellence on design, workmanship and life cost value.

A highly professional management team, in-house engineers, highly skilled, experienced workers coupled with specially developed state-of-the-art machinery, quality materials and a commitment to ongoing research and development, Twintec provides end users, consultants and contractors with a floor slab to meet their specific needs.

Twintec Group offer:

  • Freeplan: ‘Jointless’ SFRC ground bearing floor slab
  • Freeplan S: ‘Jointless’ SFRC ground bearing floor slab suspended on piles
  • Freeplan XT: ‘Jointless’ SFRC external floor slab
  • Twinplan: ‘Jointless’ defined movement ‘superflat’ floor slab
  • Twintec Ultimate: Seamless floor slab
  • Twintec ECO: Flooring with reduced environmental impact
  • Twintec PLUS: Surface enhancer

Tel: +32 04379 8820